Server and desktop virtualization environments require highly-available block storage that can deliver consistent performance with minimal downtime.

Software Defined Storage

Software-Defined Storage platform designed to scale up and out to make storage management easy while reducing overall enterprise storage costs.

Big Data

Big Data requires storage that not only scales but is flexible enough to handle a wide range of workloads ranging from real-time data processing and analytics to content delivery, media archiving and “cold” data storage.

Block, File & Object Storage

Object storage takes each piece of data and uses it as an object, file storage stores whole data in a folder to help organize, block storage breaks down a file into blocks and stores them as separate pieces.

Disaster Recovery

Deploy a highly efficient business continuity solution for remote backup and disaster recovery either locally, across global datacenters, or in the cloud.

Backup & Archive

Software Defined Storage provides scale-out and scale-out technology while simplifying the archive, backup, and recovery process.