Our technicians prepare training and Hands-On training for system administrators and partners on a regular basis. These open dates is not only the transfer of know-how in the foreground, but much more the exchange, the conversation and sharing experiences with new products, technologies, and architectures.

In special the training with the topics:

  • micosoft storage spaces in high availability HA cluser environments.
  • open stack solutions for cloud and networking applications.
  • ZFS open storage with NexentaStor Linux, with a focus on storage managemen.t

These are the actual trainings in preparation:

Microsoft storage Spaces
(System- and administrator training)

With the introduction of Windows spaces, Microsoft Windows Server 2019 has introduced a new technology for managing disk space. The performance characteristics and capabilities of storages spaces are available but still quite unknown. A3Solution has certified hardware as well as an extensive know-how and experience relating to IT infrastructure based on Microsoft's storage spaces, that will be transferred within these trainings to system administrators and partners.

(System- and administrator training)

For system administrators, as well as for partners we offer training opportunities. Our experienced A3Solution consultants are Nexenta certified system engineers who can bring also your practice experience in addition to deeper knowledge into this training. In addition to the pure storage system training, we can offer you the appropriate training in adjacent disciplines such as ZFS, OpenSolaris, databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL), or backup. We are transferring our knowledge and our experiences with regard to the use of A3Solution HA cluster systems based on NexentaStor and HA cluster.

These training courses can also take place on-site in your environment.