A3Solution offers high-performance and cost-effective data center solutions for hosting/cloud internet providers, universities, and research institutes. A3Solution team brings significant experience in server, storage and networking industry and offers Enterprise Class Storage and Networking features to a broad range of customers at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy server, storage and networking vendors. The A3Solution products combine performance and reliability on a field-proven customizable hardware. A wide range of data center in Europe trust A3Solution's high-availability storage and networking solutions, that can scale from a cluster-in-a-box up to several PetaBytes of storage, on an efficient, high-density and cost-effective platform.

A3Solution works closely to customer and their needs to find solutions fitting into their environments in the most suitable way. Solutions created by A3Solution following consequently the idea of Open-Source. Due to a very close relationship to worldwide technology leades in hardware and software A3Solution's product portfolio gives the possibility to create server, cloud, networking and storage solutions taylor made with matching performance, optimized capacity and best price. 

Since 2019 A3Solution's headquarters is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This makes us convenient in supporting customers.

Server, storage, networking and cloud solutions from A3Solution are completely certified by involed partners, tested by A3Solution's engineers and well developed under strict routines to get highest product quality. Most of A3Solution's solutions are created as appliances to meet customer's specifications. These turn-key solutions are set up for use within professional IT environments targetting to following market segments:

  • SDS - Software defined Storage

    Storage appliances from A3Solution covers customer's expectations. Even the requests are for high fault tolerant ZFS based storage systems or high availability Scale Out Storage for Windows Storage Spaces A3Solution delivers turn-key solutions which supports all relevant protocols, like iSCSI, NFS or SMB3 via Ethernet or FibreChannel connectivity using high speed SAS with latest generations of high performance SSDs or high capacity HDDs.  
  • SDN - Software defined Networking

    A3Solution Networking stands for a complete solution of proven and reliable bare metal switches with innovative Open Source based software. A3Solution combines benfits within management of a huge number of switches with hardware infrastructure given highest performance.
  • SDC - Software defined Cloud

    The idea of OpenStack becomes true while using A3Solution's server clusters and scale out storages which delivers all the technology, integration, and support required for companies to succeed with production-grade open source cloud.